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You want to feel better, and we know that. Combining passion with medical expertise, our team at prosperIV® has the best IV therapy in NYC, utilizing unique blends and techniques to get you feeling your absolute best. Whether maintaining health or focusing on a specific issue, we got you. 

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Amazing experience, from the moment I requested an appointment online to the moment drip was done.”

Dyana F.
Young Man and Woman Receiving Vitamin IV Drips at Prosper IV

The Power of IV

Why are vitamin drip infusions so powerful? Because they have the ability to reach and heal so many parts of us — mind, body, and soul. Drips help us absorb what we need completely, allowing us to recover, improve, and maintain balance and beauty from within. 


Energy is crucial to living your life to the fullest. When you feel drained, it affects your relationships, career, goals, and overall quality of life. This is one of the main areas where IV therapy can make a difference. We offer a wide variety of drips and boosts to give you that extra oomph you need to power through your days and take hold of your world.

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When you feel like your brain is slowing you down, it’s time for a little mental clarity. With our use of folic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, and L-taurine, your brain will be snapped back into action. The Brain Power helps clear the fog, improves memory, and sharpens alertness and concentration.

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Skin & Hair

For luminous, radiant skin and stronger hair and nails, we utilize biotin. You can either add this as a boost to your drip or fully embrace its abilities with The Glow, one of our most popular and effective beauty drips. Not only does The Glow enhance your skin, hair, and nails — it also fights acne, wrinkles, and dull skin.

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Possibly the best vitamin IV therapy benefit is how beautifully it absorbs into the body. Ingesting vitamins and nutrients is limiting, as your cells only absorb 7%-10% of them. With IV therapy, there is 100% bio-availability because the nutrients bypass the digestive system and enters the blood immediately — just over one minute.

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Physical Growth

Amino acids help build muscle as well as reduce muscle fatigue. We offer specialized drips using super amino acids and a special vitamin complex to help build up the muscles and optimize their functionality. These drips and boosts help enhance athletic performance and sessions in the gym.

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Join The prosperIV Club Feel better longer with routine drips!

When it comes to vitamin drip infusions, consistency is key. To continue experiencing the benefits of your IV therapy, we recommend regular visits to truly optimize your overall health and wellness. The best way to do this is to join The prosperIV Club to save on your favorite monthly drips. You can cancel whenever you want, and you’ll enjoy lots of other perks! 

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Man and Woman Relaxing in Recliner Chairs While Receiving Vitamin IV Drips at Prosper IV

The Acclaim

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The StoryThe Prosper Way

Prosper means “to flourish physically; to grow strong and healthy.” This is exactly what our mission is for you. At prosperIV, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals because that’s what we believe in. We combine our passion with medical expertise to get you where you want to be. This is known as The Prosper Way, and it’s our philosophy.

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The prosperIV Story

The RNsThe Prosper Way

Our team of incredible Registered Nurses will keep you coming back to prosperIV again and again. Each and every one of our nurses is skilled and vetted, with expertise in IV treatments, emergency and delivery room experience, and a deep knowledge of our vitamin drip infusions. You will see their passion, professionalism, and kindness with each visit.

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The RNs

The FounderThe Prosper Way

Meet our founder, Christina Broccoli! After suffering from mononucleosis and being prescribed vitamin infusion treatments, she experienced the life-changing benefits that IV therapy offers. Christina wanted to share these benefits, which is what led her to create a business that focused on making these treatments available to everyone.

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The prosperIV Founder

ImmunityFuel up and protect yourself.

Drip with us and build up your immunity! Boosting your immune system is critical to feeling well and being able to function properly. Our immunity drips offer the best iv therapy in NYC to protect yourself from colds, allergies, the flu, dehydration, fatigue, jetlag, and more.

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RecoveryGet back in action.

What’s slowing you down? A late night out, migraines, dehydration, inflammation? Maybe you’re not even sure. If you feel rundown and worn out, prosperIV can help. Not only will we pinpoint the cause, we will provide the nutrients your body needs to get back on track so you can live your best life.

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SerenityEmbrace peace of mind.

If we don’t have mental wellness, what do we have? Inner tranquility is important and powerful, and we do everything we can to help you achieve it. We offer drips to restore balance to your mind, body, and soul by improving your sleep, delivering energy, and enhancing how your brain functions.

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VitalitySeize the day.

Imagine the possibilities if you had so much more energy and felt your best. Our drips are on a mission to achieve this for you! The nutrients we offer with IV therapy help you feel and look incredible by detoxifying the body, assisting with weight loss, enhancing testosterone, and much more.

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I highly recommend prosperIV. The facility is clean, comfortable, and the staff very professional. Very happy with the results.”

D. Panzica
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The Locations

prosperIV is proud to be the first and only standalone IV drip spa in Westchester County, with two locations in Rye Brook and Yonkers. We also have locations in nearby NYC and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So what are you waiting for? Come see us!

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