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Love Your Liver

Vitamin B12 MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline) can be administered on its own, but it makes an excellent boost for removing toxins and waste from the liver, preventing cholesterol buildup, and metabolizing fats.

Farewell, Fatigue…Welcome, Weight Loss!

  • Full of essential amino acids that we need to help fight allergies and overall fatigue
  • Provides energy and a restful sleep later
  • Great when trying to lose weight, as it boosts metabolism and breaks down fat
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“I love the B12 MIC shot. It’s full of essential amino acids that our bodies need to help  fatigue and boost metabolism.” 

Jaclyn Ingenito, RN

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HOT TIP from prosperIV!

Vitamin B12 MIC is an excellent add-on to The Rev drip.

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The prosperIV Difference

Why are we different than other IV spas? Because of the experience we provide, our focus on your health and wellbeing goals, and our exceptional team of nurses. When you choose prosperIV, you’re in highly skilled hands. Our nurses are all RNs with ICU and ER experience, so you can be certain that they are professional, gentle, capable, and confident. In fact, our amazing RNs are one of the biggest reasons why our clients come to see us again and again. We also provide one liter of fluid, which is larger than many drip spas. We do this because it’s so common for our clients to be dehydrated. So along with the fantastic vitamins you’ll receive, we ensure that you leave fully hydrated — without extra fees.  

At prosperIV, we love seeing how much better our clients feel after the treatment. To book your appointment, we encourage you to contact us today.


Will B12 MIC truly help me lose weight?

Who is B12 MIC for?

Will B12 MIC truly help me lose weight?

Yes, but only if you stick to your diet and exercise plan. After your B12 MIC drip or boost from prosperIV, you’ll instantly feel energized. This feeling will last a few days, along with less fatigue and a better appetite. Remember that although B12 MIC is a great addition to your weight loss plan and perfect for helping achieve your weight loss goals, you won’t see results unless you’re following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Who is B12 MIC for?

Vitamin B12 MIC is ideal for clients who live a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and frequent exercise. It’s great for those who are seeking to increase metabolism and burn fat faster.

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