Recovery (noun): A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

Sometimes the need for recovery isn’t planned — such as partying too hard —  and sometimes it’s all too expected, like when you feel a familiar pain and know a migraine is setting in. Whether expected or not, we have a recovery drip for you at our Westchester County, NYC, or Fort Lauderdale location. 

What Happens at prosperIV?

What happens is health and healing! At prosperIV, that’s what it’s all about. Our clients arrive feeling rundown, unwell, and in need of something. We provide that with our recovery drip therapy, no matter what has caused your pain. We’re a judgment-free zone, so we don’t mind whether you had a few too many drinks or you’re underhydrated. We’re simply here to help.

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The Joy of the prosperIV Journey

After your nurse has talked to you about your specific recovery IV drip in NYC, you’ll be made comfortable and offered something to eat and drink. Then the healing will begin. 

Your IV will be placed, and your body will immediately begin to recover because it will be getting exactly what it needs. You will leave feeling much better than when you arrived.

The Reset Details

The Reset

Reset after a boozy, salty, sunny experience. The Reset drip has all the right vitamins, minerals, and hydration you need to detox and feel better so you can get back to your life. 

The Recovery & Performance Details

The Recovery & Performance

The Recovery & Performance is just what you need to sharpen your performance, optimize muscle building, reduce muscle soreness, replenish electrolytes, and gather energy for a quicker bounce back. 

The Migraine Relief Details

The Migraine Relief

Are migraines impacting your life? Our Migraine Relief drip fights and offsets migraine symptoms, as well as prevents at the onset of early symptoms. 

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The Hydration Details

The Hydration

Being properly hydrated benefits the body in so many ways, and even helps you look better! The Hydration drip is just what you need for replenishing fluids and electrolytes.

The Inflammation Details

The Inflammation

The Inflammation drip not only makes you feel better; it also lowers your risk of inflammatory disease. This popular recovery drip heals tissues faster, relieves pain, reduces swelling, and much more. 

Hangover Treatments Details

Hangover Treatments

A hangover can develop after drinking too much alcohol. By combining passion with medical expertise, our team at prosperIV® uses top vitamin IV therapy blends and techniques to get you feeling your absolute best again. 

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“Great experience and wonderful staff. I felt so amazing after my first IV infusion that I signed up for the membership. It’s super clean and sterile as well!”  

Courtney N.

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Drip With Us!

prosperIV delivers hydration and provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for health and healing — all administered by our truly amazing team of Registered Nurses. Our nursing staff is exceptional, with each RN being highly skilled in IV procedures. They will make you feel educated, comfortable, and relaxed. At prosperIV, we do much more than offer an “in and out” IV service. We provide a whole experience, all based around you. Our drip spas are clean, peaceful, and cater to your enjoyment. As the only standalone IV drip spa in Westchester County and with locations in NYC and Fort Lauderdale, we are proud of the outstanding reputation we have established. We invite you to come drip with us!

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