Boost Performance and Fuel Your Muscles 

The muscles need super amino acids and our special vitamin complex to function and build, making this drip especially popular with athletes. Our recovery IV drip in NYC works by delivering vitamin C, an amino acid blend, a mineral blend, and super B complex. 

Did You Know?

Our athletic performance drip helps you recover quicker!


“My business partner and I had the privilege of popping in to prosperIV not too long ago. What a surprise! First off, great atmosphere. The lighting and vibe are awesome. Second, we definitely learned a lot from Jackie on the benefits of IV vitamin drips. As someone who works in health and wellness, this is a great way to promote hydration and vitamins. We did the muscle recovery drip. After having done a heavy deadlift day the day prior, I felt a quick recovery and great blood flow when I hit the gym after my drip. Definitely recommend it!”

— Jake

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Reduces muscle soreness post-workout, replenishes electrolytes, and stimulates necessary energy for a quicker bounce back. 


Sharpens your performance and optimizes muscle building.

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At prosperIV, it’s important to us to build a relationship with you. That’s why we make it our goal to earn your trust. To do this, we provide an elevated client experience with the best IV for your needs, administered by a highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse. It’s our job to make sure you feel like your very best self, and our clients come to us again and again because they feel safe and secure here. 

When you get an IV administered at prosperIV, you are in experienced hands. Our nurses are all RNs with ICU and ER experience who are skilled in IV procedures. They are gentle, professional, friendly, and passionate about what they do. Our atmosphere is clean and crisp, yet still comfortable. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease, while also excited about your recovery IV drip in NYC. At prosperIV, we take good care of you — and you are going to feel amazing.

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