Crush Cramps and Banish Bloating

At prosperIV®, we discovered that some of our vitamin IV drips and boosters combined together were helping women with PMS and perimenopause symptoms like mood swings, migraine, bloating, hot flashes, and other symptoms — and a new drip was born! We recommend trying this female IV drip any time you think your period is coming on, or whenever you think you’re undergoing hormone fluctuations. 

Benefits of Our Female IV Drip

Our clients can’t stop talking about how beneficial 4 The Ladies is for these common symptoms.

  • Reduces bloating
  • Combats fatigue
  • Decreases anxiety 
  • Helps with breast tenderness
  • Soothes cramps
  • Assists in restful sleep 
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“After getting my first drip, I felt energized and refreshed for days! Definitely worth it for those who are considering trying a drip. Relaxing and comfortable, very cozy space!” 

Nicole C.

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How Does a Vitamin IV Help PMS and Menopause?

4 The Ladies has been specially formulated with super B complex, calcium chloride, and magnesium, along with the hydration that you’ll need to feel better, because you’re more dehydrated when you’re on your period. Here’s how they work.

Super B Complex

B vitamins support cell function, help control mood, reduce anxiety, soothe migraines and cramps, and much more. They also assist in producing blood, a lot of which is obviously lost during your period. They work by helping synthesize brain neurotransmitters, metabolizing essential macronutrients, and producing serotonin. 

Calcium Chloride

Research has shown that calcium reduces fatigue, depression, and other emotional and physical PMS symptoms. Calcium combats these symptoms by maintaining mineral balance, getting rid of metabolic waste, and making sure the uterine and blood vessel muscles are functioning correctly.


Magnesium is effective for helping with sleep disruptions, anxiety, breast tenderness, bloating, and mood swings. Most women are deficient in magnesium in general, so getting it in a vitamin IV is very important. It also promotes restful, restorative sleep to help prepare your body for the day ahead. 


Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially necessary when you’re dealing with PMS. Hydration for PMS fights bloating and cramps, makes you less lethargic, and helps with migraine relief. Dehydration also lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing energy levels — so staying hydrated provides you with more energy!

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When You Get Your Monthly Visit…Visit Us!

At prosperIV, your health needs are always our first priority. We know the symptoms of PMS, peri-menopause, and post-menopause can make you miserable, which is why we’re so excited to offer this effective female IV drip. We also provide a clean, comfy atmosphere where you can relax, have refreshments, and take time for yourself as your body receives what it needs.

Our nurses provide an experience at prosperIV — it’s more than just a simple walk-in service. We only work with Registered Nurses who are gentle, professional, and informative to give you everything you need to feel better. To book your appointment at our Westchester County locations, NYC, or Fort Lauderdale, contact us today.

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