Immunity (noun): The state of being immune; a condition of being able to resist a particular disease.

If you’re not feeling so good — or if you want to prevent sickness so that you keep feeling good — we have you covered. prosperIV® has immunity drips to fight off the flu and allergies, as well as pull you up out of exhaustion.

Energy and immunity are key. 

As the only standalone IV drip spa in Westchester County, we are proud of the reputation we have established. How can we help you achieve your wellness goals? Let us know today.

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The Immunity Details

The Immunity

By increasing white blood cell production, The Immunity offers a lot of protection against sicknesses including colds, seasonal allergies, and the flu.

The Quench Details

The Quench

The Quench fights off fatigue, jetlag, and dehydration with a special blend that resets your body’s immune system and detoxes the liver.

Curious About Drip Therapy?

If you’re wondering what to expect during an IV, allow us to elaborate for you. After your intake forms have been reviewed and approved and you’re ready for your treatment, one of our Registered Nurses will show you to a comfortable recliner chair or private room, depending on your location (Westchester County, NYC, or Fort Lauderdale).

You will be offered a drink, a snack, and the WiFi password. After listening to your goals for the IV therapy, your nurse will inform you about the drip that will be the most beneficial to you. Your vital signs will be taken, and if you’re cleared, the nurse will professionally and gently insert the needle, and will then mix your IV bag. Once you’re connected to your drip, you’ll sit and relax for about 30-60 minutes as the drip does its incredible work. Your nurse will never be far away, and is always available if you need anything. When the drip is finished, it will be disconnected and you will instantly feel the benefits!

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“This was such a great experience! It was my first ever drip. The staff was awesome and down to earth. The facility is neat, clean, and well within the parameters of the current climate! I had the immunity IV drip with the B12 MIC booster. I feel great today! I will surely be going back very soon!” 

Elizabeth V.

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Begin Your prosperIV Journey

prosperIV delivers hydration and provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for health and healing — all administered by our above-and-beyond team of Registered Nurses. We believe in The Prosper Way. This means you’re special and important, and it’s our job is to make you feel that way. In other words, like your very best self. Our nursing staff is exceptional, with each RN being highly skilled in IV procedures. They will make you feel educated, comfortable, and relaxed. prosperIV provides a whole experience, not just a simple IV service. Our spa is clean, peaceful, and catered to your enjoyment. 

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