Get Those Lightbulbs Going

Feeling like you’re in a brain fog lately, can’t remember things, or having trouble concentrating? The Brain Power utilizes folic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, and L-taurine to effectively improve alertness and mental clarity.

Better Brain Health is a Drip Away

  • Improves cognitive function, which means information processing, learning, and memory
  • Helps slow down cognitive deterioration, improve neurotransmitters, and neurodegenerative disease
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Feed Your Head!

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a B vitamin that is very important for proper brain function because it reduces the levels of peripheral inflammatory cytokines. This means that it can improve short- and long-term memory, playing an important role in both mental and emotional health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid neutralizes the damage that can be done by oxidative stress. It improves energy production in the brain, which supports healthy brain aging and helps maintain memory and mental sharpness throughout the lifespan.


L-taurine is an amino acid that helps enhance learning and memory. It also protects brain development, decreases anxiety and stress, and has neuroprotective capabilities that help slow down age-related mental decline. 

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BOOST Your Mental Immunity with Us

At prosperIV, we provide an outstanding experience for you. Whether you’re coming in for preventative care, getting your body ready for exercise, migraine treatment, an autoimmune disorder, or anything else, we provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where you can sit back and take some time for yourself and your health.

It’s our job to make sure you feel like your very best self — and when you get an IV administered at prosperIV, you can be certain that you’re in experienced hands. Not only is our Medical Director a Nurse Practitioner; our team of nurses are all Registered Nurses with ICU and ER experience. This level of trust and enhanced care is what keeps our clients returning again and again.

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