Our immune systems are under extreme stress. Beyond constant exposure to colds, flu, COVID, and other viruses, the thousands of toxins in the air, food, and water keep our immune systems working overtime. Health begins at the cellular level. A custom IV infusion can deliver healing nutrition to billions of cells throughout the body, flooding your system with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it craves. 

Only about 25% of oral supplements make it to the bloodstream, but with an IV infusion, 100% of the nutrients your body needs are delivered directly to the bloodstream. Our Immunity IV contains vitamin C, zinc, and super B complex to fight off infections, free radicals, and supply hydration. 


Rundown? Feeling unwell? Hungover or lacking energy? Our experienced nurse will discuss your individual symptoms to determine the ideal infusions. Your recovery IV drip will be tailored to exactly what ails you so you can feel restored, more energetic, and healthier fast. Your Recovery drip can be put together in several ways:

  • The Reset: Get back on your feet from too much partying or sun or off-diet adventures. This drip gives you what you need to detox and feel your best.
  • The Recovery & Performance: Put an edge on your performance and optimize muscles while replacing electrolytes and generating peak energy.
  • The Migraine Relief: Fight the symptoms and offsets them with a better balance of nutrients.
  • The Hydration: Build a better balance in your body of fluids and electrolytes. A well-hydrated body helps you look your best.
  • The Inflammation: Lowers your risk of inflammatory disease and helps heal tissues faster, relieves pain, and benefits many of your body’s independent systems.


Increase your mindfulness and mental clarity with a mix of vitamins and nutrients designed for your inner calm. 

  • The Prosper: Our signature drip is designed to restore energy and deliver restful sleep through creating a balanced system and physical harmony.
  • The Brain Power: Improve information processing and cognitive processes such as learning and memory.


Vitality has many dimensions but when you have it, you know it!

  • The Wright Drip: Sexual wellness to boost your libido the natural way. A magic mix of 5 key ingredients.
  • The NAD+: A specialized drip with anti-aging properties and mitochondrial function support that powers all cells. Advance appointments only.
  • The Rev: Combines amino acids and B12 MIC to spark your metabolism and keep it going. Also helps burn fat.
  • The Glow: Fights acne and wrinkles and creates a more luminous skin from the inside out.
  • 4 the Ladies: A combination of vitamin drips and boosters that benefit women with PMS and menopausal symptoms.
  • 4 the Men: Helps boost testosterone levels over time to improve muscle mass, libido, and the effects of getting older.
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About the Prosper Club

When you see the difference a vitamin IV drip can make, you will want the long-lasting benefits you experienced and routine visits. You can choose any vitamin drip, get 15% off other services, receive one monthly B12 booster, and use your drip Pass at any location.

Types of Boosts

You can customize your IV therapy with booster vitamins and nutrients added to your bag to elevate your treatment.


Powerful anti-inflammatory that helps joint and muscle pain and headache relief.


Fights nausea and vomiting quickly.

Vitamin B12

Natural energy boost.

Vitamin D

Improve common Vitamin D deficiency for overall health protection.

Vitamin B12 MIC

Boosts toxin removal from the liver for less cholesterol buildup and faster fat metabolization. 


 Helps improve muscle tone when you exercise.


Improve skin, hair, and nails.


A powerful compound that helps you feel your best, even if your diet hasn’t been the best or the stress levels have been high.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that gives your immune system a boost.


High concentration blend of glutathione, vitamin C, and zinc for a healthy immune response. 

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Why Choose prosperIV?


Comfort, professionalism, community, aesthetics, and our dedication to custom-tailoring your rejuvenation make the difference at prosperIV. We combine our passion for helping our clients achieve their wellness goals with medical expertise. Everyone who walks through our doors is a VIP. We listen and we customize your IV drip to match your specific situation. Why prosperIV? We are focused on you, and you alone!

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